The origins of B & E Pizza date back over 40 years ago to 1971. Lou and Sue Yumet created the business in the quaint town of Broadway, Ohio.  As the business began to flourish, the Landon Family noticed its potential and purchased the shop from the Yumets in 1975. The name, B & E Pizza, actually derives from Bob and Evelyn Landon. Their influence, starting with a unique and fresh pizza recipe, and the overall success of the business will continue to reign in the shop’s name.

As the years progressed, Bob and Evelyn eventually handed off the business. Jack and Mary Jo Smith purchased the pizza shop in 1987. The couple took the opportunity to renovate. They worked to incorporate inspiring updates and made countless improvements to the business to further establish its success. This allowed for the company to expand and, in 1989, a second location for B & E Pizza shop was started in Richwood, Ohio.


While B & E Pizza was rapidly growing, there was an unfortunate set back that occurred in 1993. That year, the Broadway location completely burned to the ground in an unexpected fire. The loss of this shop was difficult as this was the first shop opened. However, Jack and Mary Jo took this opportunity to create a new building that was quickly completed in the spring of 1994 with a new kitchen, a sit down dining area and a convenience store. The following year, when the post office shut down, the shop also acted partly as a contracted post office to help out. In 2002, the business expanded to a third location in LaRue, Ohio.


Jack and Mary Jo’s children still play an instrumental part in the business to this day. B & E Pizza has a storied past that has immensely influenced its ever-growing success. The shop exists today with the tradition of serving high quality food while still preserving the original recipes.